Mold is nasty stuff. When in doubt, call a professional for mold remediation and removal.

Mold Remediation and Removal Services – Thoughts and Best Practices

Mold is a type of fungi that can grow both indoors and outdoors. Mold can enter your home through open doors, windows, vents, and HVAC systems. Mold can also be found in soil and on plant leaves. Mold can cause a variety of health problems, including allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory infections, skin rashes, and headaches.

If you suspect that you have a mold problem, it is important to contact a mold remediation and removal service. A mold remediation and removal service will inspect your home for mold and remove any mold that is present.

John, at Break The Mold, will be able to identify the type of mold and develop a plan to remove it.

In some cases, the mold may be lurking in an area that’s difficult to reach, such as behind wallpaper or in the ductwork of a heating and cooling system. In these cases, the mold remediation and removal service will need to take special precautions to avoid spreading the mold spores to other areas of the home or office.

If You Find Mold in Your Home – Call For Mold Remediation and Removal Services

If you find mold in your home, the first thing you should do is call Break The Mold. We perform mold remediation and removal services. We will come in and assess the situation, and then develop a plan to remove the mold and prevent it from coming back. We also work to ensure that your home is safe and free of any other contaminants.

Tips You Can Take For Preventing Mold Growth

If you think you might have mold in your home, it is important to take action quickly to prevent the problem from getting worse. As mentioned above, mold can cause serious health problems, so it is important to remove it as soon as possible.

Here are some tips for preventing mold growth:

  1. Fix any leaks in your home immediately. Mold loves damp conditions, so even a small leak can provide the perfect environment for it to grow.


  1. Keep your home well-ventilated. Good air circulation will help to prevent mold growth.


  1. Use a dehumidifier in damp areas of your home, such as the basement or bathroom.
  1. Clean up any mold growth as soon as you see it.
  1. Prevent condensation on surfaces by using a fan or opening a window when you shower or cook.
  1. If you have mold allergies, take steps to avoid exposure to mold spores. This might include using an air purifier or keeping the humidity in your home low.

How To Remove Mold Safely

Mold is a common problem in many homes and businesses. Mold doesn’t only cause health problems, it can damage your property, and be difficult to remove. There are many products on the market that claim to remove mold, but many of these products are ineffective and can actually make the problem worse.

The best way to remove mold is to hire a professional mold remediation and removal service. Break The Mold has the experience and the proper equipment to safely and effectively remove mold from your property. We will also take steps to prevent the mold from returning.

When To Call a Professional For Help With Mold

Mold remediation and removal services are important when you have a mold problem in your home or office. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to decide if you need to call a professional for help with mold.

  • The first thing to consider is the size of the mold problem.

If the mold is only in a small area, you may be able to clean it up yourself. However, if the mold is in a large area, you will need to call a professional. Mold can spread quickly, so it is important to get rid of it before it has a chance to spread.

  • Another thing to consider is the type of mold.

Some types of mold are more dangerous than others. If you have a type of mold that is dangerous, you will need to call a professional. If you don’t know, contact us ASAP.

  • The last thing to consider is the health risks associated with mold.

We keep harping on the health issues, but it can just be nasty stuff for your health. If you have any health concerns, you should call a professional.

Mold Remediation and Removal Services – Thoughts and Best Practices

Often times, all signs point toward having a professional deal with mold remediation and removal. Break The Mold serves all of Southwest Michigan including Kalamazoo, Portage, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Vicksburg, Paw Paw, Mattawan and surrounding areas.

Reach out to us for our professional help today!