Mold & Air Testing

Break the Mold offers different types of mold and air testing:

Air Samples

Spore Trap Analysis non-culturable (a.k.a. Cassette)

Analysis includes identification to genus or group of all fungi present, quantification to spores and a general assessment of background debris. This type is designed for rapid collection and analysis of a wide range of airborne aerosois including mold spores. This is useful in providing quick testing of indoor air quality testing.

Surfaces Samples (a.k.a. Bulk Sample, Swab, Tape)

Direct Microscopic Exam (Qualitative)

Samples for this service are analyzed at various magnifications under light microscopy. The main purpose of the analysis is to visually estimate the presence of any fungal growth in the sample and subsequently identify any fungal growth that is detected to Genus or relevant group. Other particulates and other fungal spores not representing fungal growth are also assessed qualitative.

ERMI Testing

What Is ERMI?

The Environmental Relative Moldiness index (ERMI) was developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development (ORD) as a research tool to investigate mold contamination in homes. The methodology is based on using mold-specific quantitative polymerase chain reaction (MSQPCR) to quantify 36 molds and calculate an index number for comparison with a database of reference homes. Eurofins EMLab P&K was one of the first collaborators to help establish the reference database and continues to offer this service to clients for the identification of mold problems in some buildings.

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