Our Story

Born to be The Mold Guy

John “The Mold Guy” Sweeney makes it his business to help with your mold and odor problems using safe, effective solutions.

At age 10, John “The Mold Guy” Sweeney, begged his parents to let him move into the basement of their 100-year-old home. Since his older sisters hated the dank, dark space filled with spiders, it was the perfect place for John to create his man cave.

Looking back, it wasn’t so perfect. The typical Michigan basement and crawlspace in John’s family home constantly leaked. Ever-present moisture meant ever-present mold and smell. Occasionally, they ran a dehumidifier but it was old and loud; it didn’t even run most of the time. John nearly always had a unique headache and bloody noses were not uncommon.

His parents took him to an allergist, who found he was allergic to mold and dust mites. Not knowing any better, his parents gave him allergy shots instead of removing him from the mold-infested basement.

In grade school, John’s grades were average and he had trouble keeping his mind focused. However, when he was 16, his family sold their century-old house and John was no longer a cellar dweller. Once they moved, John’s allergy symptoms lessened and his grades improved. His parents concluded that the allergy shots had worked.

Looking back, John saw that getting out of the musty, moldy environment is what really helped his recovery. After realizing what happened to him, he decided to help others improve their lives and health by correcting mold problems. That’s why he founded Break the Mold, a Kalamazoo, Michigan-based mold remediation and odor elimination company.

When people learn that mold still bothers John they ask, “Why do you work with mold as a profession?” He tells them, “I was born to do this! I help people increase their awareness so they can take steps to create a healthier home environment. I take the right precautions to protect myself.”

Over the last few years, John has become known as The Mold Guy, a title he’s proud to have. “There are non-toxic, safe and effective ways to remediate mold,” he says. “I invite anyone who thinks they have a mold problem to call for an inspection. There are affordable solutions and everyone should live in a healthier environment.”

Live healthier – get your inspection today!

John was one of two vendors who came to inspect and give a quote. He gave us the straight scoop and to the point. It was clear that he was not just a “salesman” whose goal was to get us to sign the bottom line. Our attic had a severe mold problem which he cleaned up very well. He also added an attic power vent system due to trapped high humidity. After just a few weeks of the vent system working, the humidity has dropped significantly and keeps dropping. The new vent system is fully automatic and works well.

Would highly recommend Break The Mold and the products he offers to anyone who has mold and humidity problem in attic, basement or crawl space.

We lived in a condo in Michigan…I was sure I could smell mold and was beginning to experience breathing issues…while waiting on the HOA to act—– we found John Sweeney—–a lifesaver! We couldn’t use John for remediation due to the HOA, but we paid out of pocket for John to immediately schedule to “clean” the air inside the condo, with a repeat when all remediation was complete. After the first air cleaning I could breath again in my home. John was understanding that we couldn’t use him for the whole mold remediation, genuinely concerned for my health, and compassionate. He is a trustworthy professional and definitely one of the good guys left in the world!