Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Services Grand Rapids MI

Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Services


Find Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Services in Grand Rapids MI. Some types of molds are dangerous to your health. Mold also causes damage to structures that it grows on. This is because mold penetrates porous surfaces and causes deeper damage. Hiring a professional mold remediation and removal service will ensure that your home or business is returned to its original safe, mold-free condition.  Break The Mold of Grand Rapids MI offers these services. Taking care of a mold problem early can save expensive repair or replacement of structures or surfaces that mold has damaged. Break the Mold treats mold invasions and removes mold safely.

Home and business owners in Grand Rapids, MI can find Break the Mold’s remediation & removal services at an affordable price. Break the Mold includes the following Grand Rapids areas:

  • Canonsburg
  • Caledonia
  • Ada
  • Rockford
  • Cedar Springs
  • Spring Lake
  • Grand Haven
  • Holland
  • Muskegon
  • West Olive
  • Byron Center
  • Dorr
  • Wayland
  • Allegan

Break the Mold will complete a thorough inspection of any Grand Rapids, MI area residential or commercial structure. This takes about 45 minutes. The certified technicians will determine a cost-effective mold remediation & removal plan that will be reviewed with the property owner.


It is essential to pinpoint the source of the mold. Often, some sort of water damage is found. Attics, basements and crawl spaces are commonly at higher risk for developing unwanted mold. With Mold Remediation & Removal Services around Grand Rapids, customers have the option of allowing Break The Mold to contact contractors that can swiftly repair any issues that caused the mold invasion. Leaky pipes, inadequate air circulation and roof damage are some of the more common situations that are found. Faulty water heaters, washing machines and broken water lines are some of the other reasons mold may thrive.

Property owners can get fast mold remediation and/or removal that is generally completed in one day. These specialized services include new techniques and advanced equipment to enable the rapid work time. This ensures that customers get a lower cost as the work time is dramatically reduced. Break The Mold uses the latest mold remediation techniques to get fantastic results. Customers only need to leave the building for a few short hours.

Try the hassle-free and effective service options that Break the Mold promises. The work is always guaranteed, so customers can relax and let these professional mold specialists handle the job. Break the Mold brings powerful equipment, ventilation fans and all necessary supplies to ensure that even unseen mold spores in the air will be taken care of. These measures are non-toxic, and the Break the Mold utilizes safe processes to get rid of mold that has taken up residence. Break The Mold delivers prompt service and stress-free mold treatments so customers can get on with their busy lives.

Along with mold removal, Break The Mold offers a convenient protective treatment that keeps mold from coming back in the future. This preventative surface treatment is water and mold resistant and is safely breathable. This is a highly recommended preventative treatment that gives long-lasting and permanent protection. The qualified mold removal and remediation services available in and near Grand Rapids Michigan by Break the Mold also include structural cleaning. These competent professionals can perform a biodegradable foam application that contains zero harmful substances. This is a deep clean treatment that results in a contaminant-free surface.

Break The Mold offers an air cleaning process that uses a vapor/mist/fog that treats harmful airborne mold mycotoxins and spores that are invisible. Customers can also elect appearance enhancement that will eliminate or reduce mold stains. Contact Break The Mold at 269-359-0822 for Mold Remediation & Removal Services Grand Rapids, MI today. Customers can access details at