Mold Removal & Remediation

Stay calm. We can help. Safely. Affordably.

Break the Mold uses environmentally safe products to get rid of your mold and corrects the source of the problem for good.

“Black mold” strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners with good reason. It can cause serious health issues for everyone.  Especially vulnerable are the very young and very old. There’s no reason to panic if you find this unwelcome visitor in your home, but it is extremely important that you have a professional inspection as soon as possible.

A Safe Solution
Break the Mold knows how to identify the root cause of your mold problem and eliminate the conditions that allowed the mold (black or other types) to grow in the first place. Using a safe, non-toxic treatment, we’ll treat existing mold and show you how to take steps to help keep it from becoming a problem again. Prevention is key!

Custom Treatment for Your Situation
When it comes to mold, there are no generic answers; every situation and every home is unique.  This is why we always start with an inspection.  This allows us to craft a plan specifically for your home.

Executing the plan almost always involves minor construction work to address moisture issues. You can handle this yourself or we can do it for you using trusted and licensed contractors we’ve worked with before. The amount of work needed depends on your specific situation.

The mold remediation itself is done using a unique and proven mold removal process that effectively and safely decontaminates your home.  Break the Mold uses a less labor-intensive procedure than traditional methods, making our solution surprisingly affordable.

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Why Choose Break the Mold?

No pressures, no scare tactics, no conflict of interest
Break the Mold offers inspections, and we never pressure homeowners into expensive mold testing. You see, it doesn’t matter if you have “black mold” or some other variety – our treatment for all mold is the same.  Nevertheless, if mold testing is required or desired, we recommend a third party and there’s no financial stake in it for us.

Better and less expensive mold treatment – guaranteed
Many mold companies work based on guidelines written 30 years ago that are neither efficient nor effective. They use a very labor-intensive process that involves physically removing mold which releases spores. The released spores just perpetuate the mold problem.

Break the Mold uses a safe, non-toxic foaming technique to kill mold in place while also treating your home to kill and eliminate airborne spores and toxins. Treatment usually takes a day; larger homes may take up to two. Break the Mold’s treatment is less disruptive than traditional methods and costs less, too. Plus, we stand behind the effectiveness of our process! We guarantee 99.99999% of the mold in treated areas of your home will be eliminated.

Safe products
Break the Mold only uses safe, non-toxic products. After they’re applied, they break down into harmless components within 4-6 hours. This means a healthier home for you.

We’re flexible and work on your terms
Our goal is to help you create a healthy environment without getting hung up on who does what. We’ll explain the construction that needs to be done to correct the sources of the problem. The choice of how it gets done is up to you. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, we’ll explain the construction issues that need to be addressed. If you prefer to use a contractor, we’ll work with yours or hire one for you.

Call us today at 269-359-0822 or contact us online to get your mold inspection.

Inexplicably John made me feel his life was richer by treating my home and acknowledging my love of my tiny space and to make it safer through his business.
This is one business that referrals would deem unnecessary as John listens show up explains exactly what the situation is how he will treat it and then..listens patiently while you text email him and call with loads of questions that he listens to and answers every single one with pleasure knowledge and humor.
And then he does this to your face so you understand.

And then he does the work. Exactly as he predicted more questions and concerns. Again he answers. Really he treated me. Which is the key to any successful business. Discussing your concerns (chronic illness and connection to mold environment) and again answers questions about my house animals and how to go forward with the goal of getting my home animals and me healthy.
Reason for a lengthy this is not my experience to have a business act and follow through with such integrity.
Thank you John Sweeney.

Kiki D., Kalamazoo MI

Stachybotrys chartarum (sometimes referred to as “toxic black mold”) is a greenish-black mold, which grows on household surfaces that have high cellulose content, such as wood, fiberboard, gypsum board (drywall), paper, dust, and lint. The unwelcome—and all-too-common—presence of Stachybotryx is usually an indicator that there has been elevated moisture present or previous water damage. Most of the time, we are exposed to molds like Stachybotrys via skin contact, through ingestion, and by inhalation. Sites of exposure typically include water-damaged and poorly ventilated homes.

John Sweeney is knowlegable and trustworthy with a dose of “good guy” thrown in. He did a great job….with our mold issue and my sensitivities I was trusting him with my life…and he is truly a lifesaver!

Cynthia D.

Mold Facts

  • Even though you can’t see mold spores with the naked eye they’re everywhere. And, they’ve been around forever!
  • Mold only grows where it has moisture and food. Mold “eats” anything organic, including carpeting, drywall, wood, and dirt.  It particularly loves man-made wood composite products such as OSB.
  • We can’t entirely eliminate mold spores or its food, so our best way to prevent mold growth is to control moisture.
  • Identifying why the mold was able to grow is the most important factor in eliminating it for good.

Bleach Isn’t Best for All Surfaces

  • Effectively killing mold involves reaching its “roots.”
  • On non-porous surfaces, bleach can be effective for getting rid of mold.  Examples of non-porous surfaces would be glass, metal, or plastics.
  • However, with porous materials such as wood, bleach does a poor job. It typically only kills the surface mold, leaving the “roots” to grow again. Plus, bleach can damage wood and give off toxic fumes.
  • Sometimes, the bleach fumes may be more hazardous than the mold itself!
  • Bleach solution is mostly water, doing more harm than good in the long run when used on porous surfaces.