How It Works

No-Hassle, Safe Mold Remediation in About a Day

The presence of mold in your home can be stressful. Getting rid of it won’t be, when you call Break the Mold.

With 5+ years experience in the mold remediation business, John “The Mold Guy” Sweeney makes sure the mold is absolutely destroyed in the areas that are treated, guaranteed! Plus, he shows you how to avoid problems in the future.

Step 1: Inspection

Break the Mold will schedule an on-site inspection at a time convenient to you. The visual inspection itself takes about 45 minutes. While you’re not required to be there, it’s very helpful if you are.

Step 2: Create a Tailor-Made Plan

Based on the visual inspection, John will develop a guaranteed plan specific to your home.  This customized plan includes addressing root causes of the mold as well as treatment steps to get rid of the mold and prevent it from coming back.

Step 3: Fixing the Source of the Problem

Some moisture problems are a result of structural factors like a leaky basement or inadequate ventilation. If these issues are discovered during the inspection, you can be informed of them and determine what’s needed to fix the source of the problem. If this happens you have choices:

  • Fix the problem yourself.
  • Hire a contractor on your own.
  • Have Break the Mold hire and direct a trusted contractor who is experienced in fixing moisture problems.

Step 4: Structural Cleaning

This involves getting rid of affected materials and destroying mold.

  • Foam Application – sprayed directly on areas with mold. The biodegradable foam breaks down naturally with no harmful byproducts. More than just surface cleaning with disinfectants, deep cleaning (total source removal).  Leaving behind a contaminate free surface.
  • Appearance Enhancement – where needed, reduce or eliminate mold staining.
  • Clean the air – a gas/fog/mist treatment used to treat mold spores and mycotoxins in the air not visible to the naked eye.

Step 5: Controlled Ventilation

  • This next step is installing the automatic controlled ventilation
  • Only ventilates when the outside air is drier than the “inside air”
  • The system runs on 12 volt DC current and costs about $25 per year to run.

Step 6: Surface Protection

  • Treat surface – spray (clear or white) directly on wood attic decking.
  • Long Term Protection
  • Water Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Mold resistant

A typical mold remediation treatment takes 4 to 8 hours.  During that time, you and your pets will need to be out of the home.

When we leave, your home is healthier and safer, guaranteed.

Get your mold inspection today!

John Sweeney was the third mold remediation professional I interviewed to solve my mold infestation. The first provider brought no equipment with him to determine the location of the problem. He offered no process that he would use to solve the problem
The second provider attributed the mold odor to a non existent source and suggested an elaborate and expensive means of removing the mold.
John Sweeney from Break the Mold was the third provider interviewed. John was friendly and professional. He brought equipment with him that determined the source of the mold infestation. He offered a logical, cost effective, step by step, removal process. He also suggested steps that I could take to keep the problem from returning.

Pam N, Plainwell, MI

John took time to explain his method of treating mold to both my husband and I.  We are very happy with the results and would highly recommend his work.

Jake and Jil H., Paw Paw, MI

Benefits of Advanced Odor & Pathogen Control Solution

  1. Leaves no harmful residue
  2. Kill time (Seconds)
  3. Effective Against*: Staph, salmonella, HIV-1, Herpes Simplex, Influenza-A, Canine Parvovirus
  4. Sanitizer Against: E. Coli, Listeria monocytogenes
  5. Kills odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew
  6. Odor Sources: Protein, skunk, tobacco, pet, mold (mVOCs), chemical VOCs, smoke & fire
  7. Safe on soft fabrics, in residential, commercial & medical settings – Rooms can be used within hours

*The ProKure1 System

I found John Sweeney to be very professional when he came to my home to assess what needed to be done. He checked the areas thoroughly before he presented his plan for my home. He explained the process in words that made sense to me.
When he returned to actually do the work, John again, was professional and thorough, which was very appreciated by me.
The treatment took care of the problem, as I anticipated it would.

Donna R.Kalamazoo, MI